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Hi everyone! It's Katrina Montgomery here from the Montgomery Group. I hope everybody's doing well. I just wanted to touch base today and firstly to say hello and that I hope everybody is managing to say safe and sound during this period home quarantine. I know I'm home myself with my three children, my husband, the dog, the cat, and it can be challenging at times managing my business, looking after everyone and ensuring that the kids are doing their schooling from home. So I just wanted to reach out and say that I hope everybody is hanging in there okay. It's the best thing we can do, so we have to stick with it and I just wanted to wish you all good luck and to make sure that you're healthy. Secondly, I wanted to talk to you today a little bit about our hands-free real estate program. So last week, I reached out to everybody and told you a little bit about the fact that we were going to be investing in and launching this new real estate initiative.

So it's been two weeks and a lot of hard work. Our team has been brainstorming, and training every day and we are now ready to really bring this to the market and tell you more about it. So it's called Hands-Free Real Estate and it's a solution that allows us to carry on working in our marketplace with zero contact. So for some people, real estate is simply not just at the top of your mind and that's absolutely fine and in fact for most cases the norm. But for some families, they really don't have much choice. They are for, whatever reason, either needing to sell or buy a home, maybe they've sold and they need to move by a certain date or perhaps for personal or health reasons they absolutely need to sell their home. In these cases our Hands-Free Real Estate solution allows them to be able to carry on with their real estate business in a safe unthreatening environment, whilst ensuring that they are following the guidelines from our government.

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So for example, as a technology-led real estate team, let's talk about Zoom. We've been using Zoom for some time now. By really focusing on this tool not only are we finding solutions for today's crisis but we are also looking to the future and seeing how we can streamline the

process and make the home buying and selling even more convenient for our clients.

So what happens when we go back to quote-unquote, "Normal life?" I suspect people will have changed their patterns and will carry on with some of the ways that they adapted to during the confinement period because in the first instance they had to but as we were forced to learn new way it's becomes more convenient to them.

So Hands-Free Real Estate is a way for us to invest in the future and to make sure that going forward, we can actually offer a streamlined service that is technologically advanced, convenient and effective for our clients. So if you'd like to know more about the program, what we're doing and how we're launching it, please reach out. You can contact me, katrina@katrinamontgomery.com or you can call us at (514) 469-0404 and we'll be happy to share in more detail all about this initiative. I hope you found this useful and please feel free to share it to anybody you know who you think could benefit from our programs, and again...

Your Home Sold Guaranteed or I’ll Buy It!* So if you or anyone you know is considering making move in the next little while, give me a call or pass on my number 514-469-0404.

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"She is the MOST amazing agent you could have. I was nervous about listing the family home, of 58 years and Katrina was awesome. She explained everything so I could understand the complexities. She had my shop moved to another location reinstating my family room. Katrina had her team do 4 days of incredible staging, and an insanely professional photographer to produce stupendous photos. She also helped deal with some personal family issues. She made the whole crazy process totally enjoyable.

I am grateful to have had the pleasure of working with such a professional with a very compassionate heart. Thank you Katrina!!"


- D. Ware


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