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The launch of our Amazing "Hands-free Guide to Real Estate"

Hi everyone!

This is Katrina Montgomery here from The Montgomery Group. And I just wanted to check in and say hello to everybody. We've just come back from our family holiday,

So I'm currently respecting the Quebec guidelines and staying home right now for the next two weeks. It doesn't mean we're not working our team is fully active and I just wanted to give you a little update on what we're working on.

Hands=free real estate

First of all, before look at what's happening in real estate, I just wanted to acknowledge and say Thank You to all the people who are still out there putting themselves at risk so that our essential services can remain functional. I have a family member of my own who's in the police force doing his bit. One of the members of our team has a partner who works for Air Canada and is at the airport every day to greet people as they're coming back home, back to Canada. These people are putting themselves at risk in order to be there for us and for our safety. We think of the doctors of course and we think of the nurses and all the people who are in healthcare, but I also like to think about the people at the grocery store. For example, our local Metro grocery store are there every day making sure that we can still get the supplies that we need, working at the cash register and coming into contact with so many people on a day-to-day basis when really that's what we've been cautioned against. So I'd like to say thank you to those people too.

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Our team is really aware of how much impact this is having on people and how unsettling this moment of change is. Everybody feels unsettled when things like this happen and we're working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that we can assist our clients in their time of need whatever their specific situation may be. Some of us are going to take a step back and sit on the sidelines and wait and see what happens. Some people don't have a choice and they're really having to make a move, either buy or sell right now at this difficult time.

So in the next couple of days, stay tuned. We are going to be launching our "Hands-free real estate guide". We're going to be putting together a package that will assist our buyers and sellers and our clients go through with their real estate transactions ensuring as much protection as possible. So what does this entail? Our program will include virtual meeting rooms, virtual presentations and virtual tours. Everything that we offer our clients on a normal day to day basis. We are actually already really well equipped. We're putting into place things to make sure that people can still, go ahead and do what they need to do without having to come into face to face contact. I think it's really important right now for everybody to try and do their bit to respect what is asked of us by our government and to not just think about our own safety but think about perhaps other people's safety, what's going to happen to them should they become ill. We spent an entire day, basically each of us in our own homes, but we have our virtual boardroom set up brainstorming ideas and ways that we can make sure that we deliver our services to you in a safe and effective manner.

So please stay tuned. I just want to say thank you very much again for watching and for checking in. Our team is here and if there is some way that we can help somebody in our Community, by all means, It's our pleasure. So if you're in need of something perhaps if you're home, and you're isolated reach out, we'll try and do our best to give you a hand

and see what we can do to help.

Thank you very much. Everybody, and stay tuned for our upcoming launch of our programs, which is our "Hands-free Guide to Real Estate".

Your Home Sold Guaranteed or I’ll Buy It!* So if you or anyone you know is considering making move in the next little while, give me a call or pass on my number 514-469-0404.

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"She is the MOST amazing agent you could have. I was nervous about listing the family home, of 58 years and Katrina was awesome. She explained everything so I could understand the complexities. She had my shop moved to another location reinstating my family room. Katrina had her team do 4 days of incredible staging, and an insanely professional photographer to produce stupendous photos. She also helped deal with some personal family issues. She made the whole crazy process totally enjoyable.

I am grateful to have had the pleasure of working with such a professional with a very compassionate heart. Thank you Katrina!!"


- D. Ware


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