We have been in the market for a new home ... and are anticipating a move this summer. I work with computers and websites and this site is very impressive. My hats off to the IT Team that designed this site. If as much care and information is put into your work as you do with your website, all I've got to say is you must have one helluva' business. I've seen twenty five to thirty real estate websites thus far but none compare to this in any way, shape or form. I don't know if this will reach the people you work for but I hope it does. It's blown the twenty five to thirty websites I visited right out of the water. Not to sound to crude but it's finally nice to go to a website where they really care. Thanks, John G. Bartlett

They were extremely professional, organized and a pleasure to deal with

I just recently sold my house with Katrina and Melissa in a very short period of time. They were extremely professional, organized and a pleasure to deal with. They made the selling process as easy and smooth as possible. I recommend Katrina and her team over any other agents I have ever used, and I will be asking them to help me buy my next property as well.

- Marie-Soleil Boucher

Excellent excellent team!!!!

Excellent excellent team!!!! We bought a beautiful duplex thanks to Melissa Pirrera who is part of Katrina's Team! I honestly recommend this team for both sellers and buyers!
Note for 1st time buyers (such as myself): you don't incur any fees when you have a broker with you! (they split the seller's broker commission) so you really have noting to loose and every thing to gain by working with a broker! Specifically in this super fast moving market!
And it's very important that the broker is knowledgeable and super organized like Melissa / Katrina's team! There is a lot of paper work and things need to be documented properly! (or you can have issues later)
Our duplex is in NDG but Katrina's team know a lot of other neighborhoods such as Westmount, West island, Lasalle, Lachine, etc.! Melissa knows Laval super well too! It is good that the broker knows the area so they can give you specific pointers on issues that are frequent / usual in certain areas. So that you'll be more careful/mindful of these things when buying.

Read below for more details! (I'm taking the time to write this detailed review because they really deserve it! Again thanks so much Melissa/Katrina and the team!)
I first met Katrina when I was trying to buy a condo 2-3 years ago (in 2017). She was the seller's broker. I didn't buy that condo (because we ended up deciding that we needed an extra room), but I remembered how good she was: the listing was super clear the pictures were beautiful (and I know that she helped the seller with all of that)! The condo was beautiful but the listing was giving it its full value (not like many other properties we encountered) giving the seller the best chances/opportunities to sell!
Our buying project was put on hold for personal reasons. Then we decided to start again on November 2019. I contacted Katrina because, as mentioned above, I was super impressed with her.
It's Melissa that took over, at first I was reluctant because I wanted Katrina to be in charge, but Melissa was great and Katrina was always available to give additional advises!
The way they structure their team makes them more efficient!
.... There is still so much to say on this excellent team... I just cannot capture all of it in one review!

- Jennifer Udvarhelyi

She went above and beyond

I recently bought my first house with help from Katrina’s team, and really benefited from their individualized approach. Working with Melissa was an absolute pleasure, she was professional and very reassuring for a first-time buyer. She was always available to answer my questions and went above and beyond to accompany me throughout the process and make sure I was comfortable with this important decision. I highly recommend her!

- Asma Baatour

Excellent experience

An agent from Katrina Montgomery cold called me for realtor services when I was house hunting. It was a call that deeply improved my quality of life. Victoria our agent went above and beyond in terms of sourcing houses to visit, asking questions, keeping me informed, quick to respond. She was a realtor and my person advocate once we offered making sure we were well taken care of through the process. I recommend her and this agency to anyone who is in the market or thinking of it. Plus they donate a part of the proceeds to an amazing Montreal org supporting single mothers. Excellent experience.

- Helene Defalque